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Blossom Makes Your Sprinkler System Smarter

Blossom programs itself with the right watering schedule for your lawn, so you can put an end to over watering.

Localized Data

Real-Time Weather Analytics

Blossom utilizes a cloud solution to access a highly scalable infrastructure of real-time weather data. The device gathers current local weather and forecasts from multiple weather services to generate an optimized watering plan for your yard.

Smart Scheduling. Smart Watering.

Blossom automatically builds a smart watering schedule based on your location, weather patterns and vegetation. Or you can take control and easily customize your own schedule.

Easy Set Up For Up To 7 Zones.

The Blossom app lets you organize every zone in your yard by assigning a name, photo and specific plant type for up to 7 zones. You can test each zone in the app with a quick Sprinkler on/off button, so you’re confident you’ve got the correct zone set up.

One Tap To Water.

Impress your neighbors with the push of a button. Turn your sprinklers on or off instantly from your control panel, no matter where you are or what device you’re on.

Optimize Every Zone.

You can adjust the watering amount per zone with a simple swipe. While Blossom will automatically program a watering plan just for you, it’s helpful for us to hear from you from time to time if you’d prefer your yard were wetter or drier.

Everything Blossom. All in One Place.

The Blossom app features a clean, user-centric dashboard designed to make it easy to track your watering schedules, turn your sprinklers on/off, access your calendar and much more.

Technology Specifications

Zones 7*
Connectivity Wifi
Xona Technology Your yard is a diverse ecosystem of grass, trees and plants. Each zone is specifically watered based on layout and vegetation.
Placement Indoor
iOS App Download the Blossom App for an iOS device from the Apple Store.
Android App Download the Blossom App for an Android device from Google Play.
Dimensions W: 6.93” H: 6.93” D:1.55”
Irrigation Valve Sensing During installation, Blossom will automatically detect each connected sprinkler valve by performing a circuit test to validate the wiring for a zone.
Power Input 120 VAC
Station Input 24 VAC
* The connector for the Pump Start Relay (PSR) can alternatively be set to support an eighth zone.

Painless Installation

No digging. No need for a contractor. Blossom replaces your original irrigation system controller. Installation is a simple process that you can do all on your own.

Blossom Controller can only be installed indoors - not for outdoor mounting.

Remove your old controller.

Replace your old sprinkler controller with your new Blossom.

Download the Blossom App to control your sprinklers.